DRI Healthcare is a pioneer in global pharmaceutical royalty monetization and excels at identifying, evaluating and completing strategic royalty acquisitions of growing assets in small-to-mid-sized transactions. In return for providing capital to biopharmaceutical innovators, we are building a diversified portfolio of interests in medicines that have a demonstrable positive impact on the world. We acquire dependable, patent-protected cash flow streams derived from the sales of these important drugs.

Our Strategy

DRI Healthcare concentrates on medicines that matter—pursuing deals for long-duration patent-protected assets that provide significant clinical benefits. We offer investors the opportunity to leverage DRI Healthcare’s proven experience selecting and acquiring high-quality biopharma products, participating in the growth trends of life sciences while limiting the risks and costs connected to drug development.

Target Focus

Medically Necessary Therapeutics

Market Leading Products

Strong Intellectual Property Protection

Leading Marketers

Unique Approach

Relationship Focused

Experience and Expertise

Proprietary Database


Proven Track Record

Partners in Innovation


Are able to lower risk in their personal asset portfolio, in which their royalty entitlement often makes up a substantial portion of their net worth. Other inventors sell royalties to accelerate cash flows for estate planning purposes or to pursue personal endeavors such as philanthropy.

Academic and Nonprofit Organizations

Often monetize royalty streams to mitigate risk, generate immediate cash flows that can be re-invested in research, fund capital projects or remove perceived conflicts of interest.

Biotech and Biopharma Companies

View royalty monetization and revenue interest transactions as an attractive financing alternative to support the companies’ research and development efforts, bridge cash flow needs and accelerate the recognition of royalty revenues.